Monday, January 21, 2008

Why a year on the road?

I have had the travel bug in me as long as I can remember. I did a bit of traveling in college but the real wandering began when I moved to New Zealand in 1998'. I was lucky enough to score a great job that allowed me six months off a year. I took full advantage of this time off and traveled like a mad woman.

For five years I spent six months a year traveling around Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the South Pacific. Check out photos of these travels at Travel Hub Radio. In 2002 I was traveling around China, Mongolia, and Russia when I found out that my mother was adopting from China. I couldn't stand the tough of my sister (now two adopted sisters) only hearing my voice once a month and seeing me once a year. I decided to move back stateside for awhile.

Well, in December of 2006 I bought a Subaru Outback (my dream car). It didn't take long to start pondering the idea of a road trip. Blah, Blah, Blah....I leave in about six weeks on a year long odyssey across the USA. Yep, I am loading up my dog in my Outback and we are hitting the open road in search of America.