Thursday, September 11, 2008

What is a Piccadilly?

I am lucky enough to have amazing family in Mission, TX that took me in during my time in Southern Texas and doubled as the best tour guides in town. One of the many things that they said I absolutely had to experience was the Piccadilly. Anyone who knows me or listens to the show know that I will try any food put before me with glee.
I guess an explanation of the PICCADILLY is in order. Imagine your basic snow cone. Now load the middle of it with chopped dill pickle and top it with a chili salt \ sugar concoction and vuala you have a Piccadilly. You can choose any flavor snow cone syrup you wish...I chose the most popular...CHERRY.
I have to say that this strange combo is brilliant. I absolutely loved it. I have to admit that a small is more than enough or that fantastic taste sensation can become too much. Next time you are in Southern Texas or happen across a Piccadilly; don't shrug it off as too bizarre to try.Five snow cone rating!

Antique Bread Knife by Jersey Lily Flour Empire Milling CO.

I first met this strange type of knife while road tripping in Southern Texas in May. My Aunt would always have a junky looking knife with her for cutting bread. I asked her about it as I couldn't imagine that a knife with a wave like blade could possibly work well. She said that the knife was a prized possession that she picked up years before at a flea market.It is true that these bizarre blades cut bread like no other knife I have ever seen. No matter how expensive and high end your serrated bread knife is; it is no match for this baby. It will cut through any loaf of bread without smashing or tearing. My aunt informed me that in all the years she has had it that her knife has never been sharpened and is used every day.Well, I went to an antique mall the other day and found one of these beauties for $20, actually I found two. Now my mother and I are both proud owners of whatever kind of bread knife this is. I have searched all other the internet and can't find anything out. All I know is that I am totally off pre-cut bread and slice any loaf put before me with pride.

Chester, Illinois

Home of Popeye
Chester is a small town with a big character...Popeye was born here. American cartoonist, Elzie Crisler Segar, created the beloved character Popeye from recollections of Frank 'Rocky' Fiegel, a local scrapper. Popeye made his first appearance in 1929 in the newspaper comic strip 'Thimble Theater. The friendly residence of Chester were preparing for the annual Popeye Picnic (September). Looked like a big deal and I was quite bummed to miss out on the festivities. There are a number of state parks and historic sites if you are not the spinach loving type. If you are lucky enough to do the Great River Road make sure to give yourself a few hours to enjoy Chester and the surrounding area.

Kincaid Mound \ Ohio River Scenic Byway

The mounds are raised platforms on which the Native American chiefs and other elite leaders lived or ruled from, and on which thatched-roofed homes, ceremonial buildings, and temples were constructed.The mounds were built in stages over a 350 year period by stacking basket loads of selected soil and clay material one on top of another. The mounds remain much as they did 700 years ago.
The Native Americas who created these mounds were ruled by a chief who inherited his position. Corn and maize farmers in the lowland along the Ohio River from Hamletsburg to Brookport paid tribute to the chief by constructing the mounds.
The Kincaid site was excavated by the University of Chicago archaeologists from 1934-44. The work done at the Kincaid site set a new standard for archaeological excavations in the United States. In fact, the methods used are the basis for much of today's archeological practices in America.

Sage Valley \ Golden, CO

As a Pet Car Professional, I have never had need to take my pup to a kennel. Ah, the joy of cheap in home pet care. This past weekend (March 08') I did take the Bean Dog to a kennel for the first time.My family has used Sage Valley for as long as I can remember and always raved about the amazing staff and how great the service is. The first call to Sage Valley put me at ease...the owner Tom, answered and told me that he likes newbies to come in for a few hours...a bit of a test drive. This is great advice as it let's you pet know you will be coming back for them.I also found out that all the staff at Sage Valley are full timers. Tom, the owner, hires full time staff so the pets get familiar with a few, well trained pet loving staff members. I met a number of the staff and they are all kind, gentle, and completely in touch with animal needs.On top of the great staff is the facility itself. The dog runs have heated floors and the animals are bedded down with blankets. The blankets were the clincher for me as Bean Dog is a burrower and is put at lease when under cover. If you are staying anywhere in the Denver area and need to kennel your pet, it is worth the drive to Sage Valley. The staff will take amazing care of your best friend, in fact, some of the regular try to stay with the staff when they are picked up. That is always a good indicator that you have found a keeper.

Additional Information
Dogs: $16-19
playtime: $7
cats: $10
playtime: $5
check out the website for additions services including grooming, daycare, training.

Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park is one of the most recognizable names in the National Park system. It is the jewel of Montana and on most folks must see list. Glacier encompasses 1,600 square miles with 130 lakes and over 700 miles of hiking trails. There is even a mile and a half trail that allows dogs, which is unusually in the National Parks system.
One of the highlights in Glacier National Park is the Drive to the Sun, a 53 mile scenic drive across the park. The road is a National Historic Landmark and a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. The Drive to the Sun is closed in winter, only opening after six or more weeks of plowing in the spring. In fact, when I did the drive in mid June only 16 miles on the west end of the park where open. It sounds like a lot of time to plow a mere 53 miles but up to 80 feet of snow accumulates on Logan Pass during the winter. Typically the Drive to the Sun is open June-October.

Additional Information Fees: $25 per vehicle (good for 7 days)
13 campgrounds
730 miles of hiking trails
established in 1910 (10th National Park created)

Flathead Lake, Montana

Lake is one of the cooler lakes have have visited in my years of travel. The real selling point of the beauty is the fact that you can do so much in and around the lake. Spend a lazy day picnicking in one of the many State Parks along the lake or take advantage of the many water sports. Swimming, sailing, kayaking, fishing are just a few of the good times waiting at Flathead Lake.Flathead Lake is the largest lake in the western U.S. and the largest lake in Montana. Set against the backdrop of Glacier National Park, this picturesque lake is one of the cleanest in the world. Anyone who sets eyes on Flathead will agree that one could spend weeks or the rest of their life in the Flathead Valley of Montana.