Sunday, March 9, 2008

Route Change \ Mother Nature says NO to 285!

Ok. I was going 160 through the Navajo Reservation to Four Corner then through the mountains of Colorado on 285. Well, Mother Nature has decided that isn't such as good idea. Living at the beach, you forget that the rest of the World isn't 75 and sunny year round. The southern mountains of CO have gotten like 50 feet of snow this year and parts of my route require chains on all cars. Now I will back track to CO this summer and do a two week camping trip on this route with the family. That should be amazing. Anywho, it's the highway for me today. Since I am stuck doing the big, bad highways, I may just busted it out and drive straight through to CO. Sad for me.

Day 2 Blythe,CA to Flagstaff, AZ

Again, at the moment I am still on a bit of a schedule to get to Colorado by Monday. Once there, the concept of getting somewhere on a specific day should be a thing of the past.

Today, I did jump on the I-10 for a 1/2 a mile to get myself to the 95 north. There are actually two is a principle road the other a through road. I took the principle for about fifty miles then jumped on the 62 east as I thought it might be nice to check out Lake Havasu. Don't really know how they decide how different routes are categorized by the through 95 was better maintained. This was a fantastic drive...hard to drive over 50 as the scenery need a look.

Back in Blythe, the Bean Dog only got a short walk so I decided to pull off at one of the many camping areas along this route. We just happened to stop off at Shoreline along Lake Havasu. Camping is $20 and it looks like it is $10 to chill for the day (I assume this is because most folks are there with boats etc). When I told the ranger that I just wanted to exercise my dog, she gave me a permit for $2. As it turns out this site has a mile and a half trail to a Dog cool is that. After our hike, the Bean passed out for hours...almost forgot she was back there.

Pet Travel Tip: stop and take your beast for a long, long walk. It is good for you and will give you a sleeping, furry lump in the back of your car.

The remainder of this day is uneventful. Again with the get to CO timeline I decided to jump on the I-40 to Flagstaff. What I would suggest and have done in the past is to take old Route 66. This is a must do drive and if you have been on the I-40 for hours what a great break. You can jump on Route 66 at Topock and at Kingman. It is well marked in Arizona, just keep a look out for the brown Route 66 signs along the I-40.

Day 1 Encinitas,CA to Blythe, CA

Well, the Bean and I left the beach a couple days ago. I hope to stay off the major highways as much as possible and it has worked so far. Leaving Encinitas, CA we took the back way to the 78 (the is a highway for about twenty miles but we went through the hills to avoid this portion).

Had to stop in Escondido, CA (only fifteen minutes from my pad) on the way out of top to pick up an Italian Antipasto salad at Rockin' Jenny's. If you find yourself in San Diego and are heading for a day out at the Wild Animal Park (in Escondido) make a point to find Rockin' Jenny's. They are known for their subs but this salad is once of my must have foods. Can't pass through the area without picking one up.

In the Dido' we jumped on the 78 and headed out. The 78 winds you through the hills up to Julian and on through the Anaza-Borrego Desert State Park. Julian is an adorable little mountain community known for it's apple pies. On the weekends Julian fills with folks from San Diego looking for some fresh air and a tasty bite. Bean Dog and I stopped off for a walk around town and of course I grabbed an apple pie from the road. Anyone who listens to Travel Hub Radio or has checked out the site knows I love my food and take load of food such luck here...the beauty of an apple pie found itself in my tummy before a camera could be found.

The ride from San Diego to Julian was green and lush, absolutley gorgeous. There are plenty of places to stay in Julian wether it be camping out or snuggling up in a B & B.

Once we headed down from Julian the landscape changed quickly from lush moutains to dry desert. Anaza-Borrego Desert State Park is a favorite location for many San Deigians. The camping here is pleniful and cheap. In fact, it is only $5 to camp in official camp site and free to camp anywhere else in Borrego. March is the start of the desert wildflowers to come into bloom...check the web for where the best views are.

We didn't stay and camp here as I do have to get to Colorado by Monday (have to sign taxes...suck). Now that I have had a taste of this beauty I have every intention on doing some great trips out there when I return to CA.

On we moved on, still on the 78 up to Blythe, CA. This was just a good stopping point for me, used it for a good night sleep and free wireless. Stayed at the Dunes Motel on the main drag. The Dunes Motel has large, clean, basic rooms with a fridge, microwave and like I said free wireless. The free breakfast is worth a pass (tiny, dried-out muffins).

Example motel prices: Days Inn $70 and $5 for pet. Dunes Motel: $50 and $5 for pet. (10% AAA discount). Smaller motels were running $29.