Sunday, June 15, 2008

Badlands Region

Well, I got side tracked. I didn't realize just how close to The Badlands, Deadwood, and the Black Hills I was. I turned off my route to Montana for a couple days in South Dakota and I am so happy I did. I have been in the region of SD before but years ago. This part of the country is probably my number one recommendation for those that want a cheap outdoorzy vacation. Insane landscapes, historic towns, camping and so much more.

Started my tour of South Dakota with a scenic drive through The Badlands National Park. I had been there years ago and had forgotten how amazing the Badlands are. This is also where Bella encountered her first buffalo. She thought it was about the coolest thing she had ever seen. For the rest of my Badlands journey I had to roll up the windows whenever we encountered a buffalo. What's funny is that in the coming days and weeks we crossed paths with so many buffalo that Bella could care less. I really think I could have let her out of the car and she would have ignored them.
The horizon where incredibly stormy that day and make for some fantastic photos. Click here to check it out! The Badlands are an incredible sight to see on a clear day but with a storm brewing above it give it a whole different feel and I was thrilled to be there that day.

Additional Information
Entrance Fee: $15 (seven day pass) \ Free with a National Parks Pass ($80 a year)
Pet: only on paved roads and developed areas (strictly enforced)

Guernsey State Park \ Wyoming (June)

Well been touring about like a mad woman. Left Golden six days ago and began heading towards Montana. Spent a day at Guernsey State Park in Eastern Wyoming. Growing up in Colorado I have heard of how amazing Guernsey State Park is and finally had the opportunity to test it out. The water at Guernsey was mirror smooth and the cliffs surrounding it are the perfect backdrop. Even if you only have a few hours extra as you pass through this area I would recommend driving through the park as I consider it a top scenic drive.