Thursday, September 11, 2008

Antique Bread Knife by Jersey Lily Flour Empire Milling CO.

I first met this strange type of knife while road tripping in Southern Texas in May. My Aunt would always have a junky looking knife with her for cutting bread. I asked her about it as I couldn't imagine that a knife with a wave like blade could possibly work well. She said that the knife was a prized possession that she picked up years before at a flea market.It is true that these bizarre blades cut bread like no other knife I have ever seen. No matter how expensive and high end your serrated bread knife is; it is no match for this baby. It will cut through any loaf of bread without smashing or tearing. My aunt informed me that in all the years she has had it that her knife has never been sharpened and is used every day.Well, I went to an antique mall the other day and found one of these beauties for $20, actually I found two. Now my mother and I are both proud owners of whatever kind of bread knife this is. I have searched all other the internet and can't find anything out. All I know is that I am totally off pre-cut bread and slice any loaf put before me with pride.

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Marty said...

I too, have one of these beauties, only with a round wood handle. Like yours, it cuts through fresh tomatoes, fresh hot bread with impunity. Does a great job on finger tips and hands, if you're not careful. Was told that my knife was old in 1920, so don't know really how old it is. I can just barely read "universal bread knife" on it.