Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sage Valley \ Golden, CO

As a Pet Car Professional, I have never had need to take my pup to a kennel. Ah, the joy of cheap in home pet care. This past weekend (March 08') I did take the Bean Dog to a kennel for the first time.My family has used Sage Valley for as long as I can remember and always raved about the amazing staff and how great the service is. The first call to Sage Valley put me at ease...the owner Tom, answered and told me that he likes newbies to come in for a few hours...a bit of a test drive. This is great advice as it let's you pet know you will be coming back for them.I also found out that all the staff at Sage Valley are full timers. Tom, the owner, hires full time staff so the pets get familiar with a few, well trained pet loving staff members. I met a number of the staff and they are all kind, gentle, and completely in touch with animal needs.On top of the great staff is the facility itself. The dog runs have heated floors and the animals are bedded down with blankets. The blankets were the clincher for me as Bean Dog is a burrower and is put at lease when under cover. If you are staying anywhere in the Denver area and need to kennel your pet, it is worth the drive to Sage Valley. The staff will take amazing care of your best friend, in fact, some of the regular try to stay with the staff when they are picked up. That is always a good indicator that you have found a keeper.

Additional Information
Dogs: $16-19
playtime: $7
cats: $10
playtime: $5
check out the website for additions services including grooming, daycare, training.

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