Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kincaid Mound \ Ohio River Scenic Byway

The mounds are raised platforms on which the Native American chiefs and other elite leaders lived or ruled from, and on which thatched-roofed homes, ceremonial buildings, and temples were constructed.The mounds were built in stages over a 350 year period by stacking basket loads of selected soil and clay material one on top of another. The mounds remain much as they did 700 years ago.
The Native Americas who created these mounds were ruled by a chief who inherited his position. Corn and maize farmers in the lowland along the Ohio River from Hamletsburg to Brookport paid tribute to the chief by constructing the mounds.
The Kincaid site was excavated by the University of Chicago archaeologists from 1934-44. The work done at the Kincaid site set a new standard for archaeological excavations in the United States. In fact, the methods used are the basis for much of today's archeological practices in America.

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